Hey, I got a job at NPR! Name that job!


There’s nothing official out yet, but I wanted my loyal (20 or so) readers of this brief and wondrous blog to know that I will soon be blogging about global health and development for NPR.

Suggest a name! For the blog, I mean. I already have a name.

We still have some time before settling on what this blog should be called. If we use your idea, I’ll get someone at KPLU to give you some jazz or something. Or maybe I could even blog you (… though I’m not sure what that means, or if it is correct usage … still learning the lingo… )

So here’s the deal. I’ll be working with the good folks at KPLU (88.5FM in Seattle, or kplu.org on the web), which as most of you locals know is one of the two NPR affiliates in the region. This is an experiment, an attempt to expand NPR’s web presence and move deeper into new media strategies.

What I want to accomplish is to help build a vibrant and informative dialogue about matters of global health and development. This blog will be about keeping up with the news, but it will also be a place where issues get raised, hashed out and debated. It will be a place where we get a sense of the people and the personalities behind this phenomenon known as “global health.” The success of this blog will depend upon you as much as on me.

Anyway, more on that later as we get closer to launch.

For now, what I’d like is a good name for the blog.

What do you think?

You can offer ideas here or send them to me at tpaulson@kplu.org




12 responses to “Hey, I got a job at NPR! Name that job!

  1. “Paulson’s Pickins'”
    “The PI, Part 2: Global Health’s Revenge”
    “Global Health, Local Anger”
    “Rant-tastic Adventures in Vaccination Land ”
    “The Guniea Worm”
    “PATHH: Platform to Advance Tom’s Hemming and Hawing”

    I’ll bill you later.

  2. Teresa Guillien

    Congrats, Tom! This is great news!

    –Teresa and Amy

  3. Congratulations, Tom!

    Global Health Live
    Global Health Locally
    Equal Health
    Healing the Globe

  4. congrats…

  5. jenny sorensen

    hooray! congratulations! i’m so excited for you

  6. Welcome to KPLU Tom. We’re looking forward to your good writing, good humor and informed conversation.

  7. World Wellness
    World Well
    Well World
    Well World Words

    You get the gist.

  8. Soooo happy for you and looking forward to following your blog!

    World RX

  9. So cool. Good for you, great for KPLU.
    My weak entries:
    Paulson’s Ponderings
    Tom’s Tips
    Public Radio, Public Health
    Global Health through Better Listening
    Public Airwaves, Global Health

    I will drink more and come up with better ideas but meanwhile, good on ya, Tom.


  10. Will the blog have a focus on PNW people and organizations or is it intended to be truly global in focus?

    Rising Tide
    Global Health Matters

    “The first wealth is health.” – Emerson

  11. Congratulations Tom!
    I can think of a number of names, but none suitable for print…or air. I wish you well!

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